Malava Mega Properties Limited (MMPL) is a private limited liability company registered under the Companies Act (2015) of the laws of Kenya. We are committed to providing high quality transport services, construction and general professional services, supplies and merchandise in Kenya and the East African region with special attention to efficiency, environment friendly and state of the art delivery for maximum customer satisfaction and sustainability. MMPL runs a fleet of state of the art shuttles that operate in various parts of Kenya.

Our Mission

We provide high quality products and services with special attention to customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

To be a leading diversified portfolio Mega Company offering quality solutions in Kenya and the East African region.

Our Core Values

  • Ethics, Professionalism and Integrity – Honesty and truthfulness are the hallmark of our operations
  • Compliance – Respect for the rule of law
  • Quality – Ensure quality products/ services
  • Creativity and Innovation – We seek new ways of doing things and to improve on existing methods
  • Sustainability – we are positively conscious of future generations