Malava Mega Properties Limited is dedicated to providing high quality products and services to our customers and clients. We recognize that repute for quality is earned on each and everything we do in the course of our business. Consequently, we have developed a Customer Service Charter as your assurance that we’ll provide you with the best product/ service. We shall maintain steady, direct and selfless communication channels with you at all times.

  1. We shall seek to comply with legal, socio-economic, health and safety standards at all times.
  2. We promise to provide you with accurate and truthful information regarding our performance, operations, schedules, pricing and/ or any other such basic aspect to enable you make informed decisions.
  3. We shall always strive to meet and exceed your expectations
  4. We commit to treat all our customers professionally and with respect.
  5. We promise to address your inquiries instantaneously and if it requires information from other departments within our arm pit, we shall take the responsibility of finding out the answer on your behalf and keep you cognizant of any progress.
  6. We promise to listen to our customers’ feedback and act proactively upon any causes for dissatisfaction or nonconformity with the utmost urgency. We appreciate any feedback on the quality of our services. Kindly send any comments to