Malava Mega Properties Limited (MMPL) is steadfast in ensuring that its operations are run in an environmentally responsible fashion, for purposes of protecting all our stakeholders and the natural environment in which we operate. This is a primary management objective and responsibility

To ensure protection of employees, environment and communities from any hazards that result from company activities.

  • To ensure conformance with legal regulations.
  • To encourage and enhance flora, fauna and landscape.
  • To ensure all waste generated is disposed in an efficient and timely manner.
  • To ensure efficient use of water with minimal loses and encourage water conservation.
  • To conserve and use available energy efficiently

Consequently, MMPL shall continually endeavor to accomplish its objectives by:

  • Training and motivating employees to take personal accountability for environmental commitments.
  • Adopting & operating in conformity with applicable government requirements and good management practices while striving for continual improvement in environmental performance.
  • Integrating Environmental Aspects into business plans and decisions.
  • Transporting products and disposing of waste in a safe and environmentally acceptable manner.

Environmental principles shall be followed with the same passion that we pursue other business principles. This policy shall be conveyed to all MMPL staff, consultants and contractors, and made available to regulatory agencies, the public, or other interested parties upon request.